Rules for Participation Apply

Participation in coaching with Eric Snell and Alisa Goodwin Snell is contingent upon the participant agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Participants must NOT be

  • addicted to drugs, alcohol, prescriptions, or sex;
  • engaged in behaviors that are, or could be deemed as, verbally, physically, sexually, or emotionally abusive (including any past or present allegations of sexual assault or abuse);
  • engaged in behaviors that are self harming; or
  • married or dating anyone who is legally married (if once married, a divorce decree and/or partner’s divorce decree must be signed by a judge and entered as a legally binding document before participating in the dating coaching.

Participants MUST be

  • 18 years of age;
  • in an emotionally sound  and healthy position for dating or in counseling to address their issues;
  • capable of understanding social interaction and behavior or assisted by those who can (i.e. those who have autism or other social challenges may need to be referred to a professional who specializes in treating these issues); and
  • motivated and willing to set three goals during each workshop or individual session.

Participants must understand and agree that

  • dating coaching is an education, goal setting, and accountability program, not mental health counseling, and is not a treatment for mental health issues; Alisa Goodwin Snell is NOT intentionally, directly, indirectly, verbally, in writing, or otherwise agreeing to treat them for their mental-health issues; the techniques Alisa teaches are educational in nature and are not intended to relieve or alleviate any mental health issue; she is  not engaging in or agreeing to diagnose any mental health condition; if the concepts she teaches refer to her past mental health counseling, education, and experience she is providing this information for their benefit and instruction for the purposes of education and not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any mental health condition they may have; the terms of their participation in individual coaching is completely dependent upon the relationship being of a coaching nature and not of a counseling nature; if it is determined that they may have a mental health issue they will seek competent professional counseling.
  • Alisa Goodwin Snell has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and 17 years of experience as a counselor and marriage and family therapist but, as of 10/1/12, she has decided to not to renew her license as a marriage and family therapist and is, therefore, only acting as a dating coach; any reference to her being a marriage and family therapist in a previously recorded post, video, audio, article, book, or other media would have been true at the time of the recording or post and does not mean that she is currently licensed as such.
  • they are not and have not been a mental-health client of Alisa Goodwin Snell’s for the last 2 years;
  • Alisa Goodwin Snell makes no promises (written, verbal, or otherwise) that her advice will result in them making sound, wise, or solid decisions. Alisa cannot and does not guarantee that they will marry, marry well, or be happily married. Alisa makes no written, verbal, or implied promise or guarantee that they will be safe, confident, and successful while dating (There are many factors that can affect a participant’s situation that are beyond Alisa’s control, including their interpretation of her principles and ideas);
  • Alisa does not offer a money-back guarantee or refund for services provided if they fail to reach their goals or obtain a desired result.
  • their choices are their own (Alisa offers general principles, with suggestions for some situations. These theories are derived from her education, experience, training, and life observances for the purpose of evaluating the suitability of personal relationships. The interaction of personalities in all human relationships is complex. While the principles discussed by Alisa should be helpful to all, the decision to enter, stay in, or leave a relationship with the risks that follow are always their own decision and made with consideration for their total circumstances);
  • they will hold Alisa Goodwin Snell harmless in the event that they experience abuse, a loss of a relationships, or any other negative experience while participating in these workshops or in the months and years that follow;
  • they will hold Alisa Goodwin Snell harmless and will pay any and all legal, personal, professional, and financial costs resulting from their actions that directly or indirectly implicate or affect Alisa (i.e. if Alisa is sued because they dated a married person or they acted in a way that was abusive to another person while participating in dating coaching);
  • they understand that although Alisa Goodwin Snell will make reasonable efforts to treat their information as private and confidential she is not guaranteeing confidentiality; furthermore, coaching is a not a licensed profession with legal and ethical laws that ensure confidentiality; and
  • they understand that Alisa is obligated, like all citizens, to report any evidence of child abuse or neglect to the proper authorities and to inform whomever necessary to ensure their or others’ safety in the event that they express an intent to harm themselves or others.

All persons who participate in individual coaching must accept and agree to all the above and they agree that they proceed forward at their own risk.