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Disclaimer: This website,, gives general principles derived from Alisa Goodwin Snell’s education, experience, training, and life observances for the purpose of helping the reader evaluate the suitability of personal relationships.  The pages and articles on this website provide tools to help you evaluate a relationship but do not attempt to tell you what to do in any specific relationship. The interaction of different personalities in all human relationships is complex. While the principles discussed in these resources should be helpful to all, the decision to enter, stay in, or leave a relationship with the risks that follow are always your own decision and are based upon a consideration of  your total circumstances.

Proceed forward at your own risk:, the Dating-Coach program (which includes all books, DVD’s, audios, and services), and Alisa Goodwin Snell makes no promises that the advice given will result in your individual safety, confidence, success, or love and marriage. These resources can guide you in the things you need to know and do to increase your odds for greater safety, confidence, and success, but results will vary depending upon many different factors as well as your choices. Thus, proceed forward with the advice given in the Utah’s Dating-Coach programs at your own risk.

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  4. If you need to cancel, and in order to avoid being charged the full fee for service, please provide twenty-four hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment.  Otherwise your account will be charged for the time you reserved.
  5. By proceeding forward you are stating that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms listed in the “Fee Agreement” as described herein; you understand, agree with, and give Alisa Goodwin Snell permission to release your billing information to a third party in the event that your account is in arrears; you agree to pay a delayed payment fee at a rate of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance and to pay any and all costs, including account balance, interest, attorney’s fees, Court cost and any other such cost that are incurred by the provider in the collection of delinquent accounts.

By choosing to proceed forward with any services, appointments, or purchases from Alisa Goodwin Snell you are stating that you are doing so under the conditions herein outlined; you understand, accept, and agree to all the terms above; you accept that you are proceeding forward at your own risk; and you agree to the terms of the Contractual Agreement, Fee Agreement, and Additional Information herein outlined.

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  1. Does your coaching cover dining etiquette, dress, and behavior etiquette?


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