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Most singles don’t plan on failing they fail to plan. So, to have a fun and date-filled Summer, start planning now. Before long the Summer will be over. Make this the year you have no Summer regrets.

5 steps for dating success this Summer

1. Know what you want to achieve by the end of the Summer and set goals.

For example, do you want to date more, be more social, have more fun with other singles, develop a committed relationship, or feel a stronger emotional connection with someone you are already dating?

2. Be active and go where other singles are.

This might include joining several singles Facebook groups, asking other singles about activities in your area, joining an on-line dating sight, going to singles conferences and church groups, or actively engaging in life and your hobbies with a commitment to engage more fully with the other singles there.

  2. Know how to flirt or pursue with confidence (get dozens of articles on how to do this by signing up for the FREE 7-Day trial in the Lasting Love Academy—joining will not obligate you in any way)
  3. Have faith (that others want to meet you, will like you, will respond well to you, and that you can achieve your goals)
  4. Apply the 17 Secrets to the Male and Female Psychology (click here to get access to the 17 Secrets)

For more details on these 5 steps, watch this fun interview below (from 2009 with Debbie Worthen and Ron Bird from KJZZ).

Please note: I AM NOT OFFERING A SUMMER BOOT CAMP THIS YEAR but I hope you enjoy the free links above. They provide a ton of great information that can help you this Summer.

Wishing you all a fun and happy Summer,


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