How to handle rejection well

In this 2009 TV Interview  with 2 News and KJZZ reporters Debbie Worthen and Ron Bird, Alisa Goodwin Snell outlines how men can handle rejection well (and be even more attractive because of it).

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    Alisa Goodwin Snell is a dating and relationship coach who spent 17 years as a marriage and family therapist. She’s written 7 books for singles, created numerous audios, videos, and articles, is a popular public speaker, and has been on over 100 TV and radio programs nationwide. Learn more.

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2 thoughts on “How to handle rejection well

  • When do women get to taste this rejection and appreciate how it feels? Oh, they do not want to
    be the ones to approach and risk rejection. Gee, that’s fair!

    • Women experience rejection as well. They just experience it differently (i.e. he never asks them for their number, asks them for a date, or he just stops calling). This can be equally as painful and confusing for them. But if men and women use the techniques I recommend they can manage the process more effectively while appearing more confident and attractive. Additionally, this is a faith based program so the techniques will also help them maintain their faith in themselves, relationships, God, their future, and the opposite sex. Wishing you the best, Alisa

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