In this 2-hour audio series Alisa reveals the reasons why women reject men and what they can do to prevent it.

From first contact to phone calls, text messages, and dates, discover how you can increase your odds for a making a good and lasting impression during the first three weeks of dating.

A 5-minute sample

Buy BOTH audios for just $11.95.

(regularly priced at $18.90)

Access to this  audio is FREE for Lasting Love Academy Members.

There are 2 disks in this audio series. 

Disk 1  Why men get rejected—first contact to first date

On sale—this week ONLY—for $7.50 (regular price $14.95)

Disk 2  Why men get rejectedfrom first date to getting past the third date

On sale—this week ONLY—for $7.50 (regular price $14.95)


In Disk 1 you will learn

  1. Introduction: This audio will address all forms of rejection from asking for her number to her not calling back (minute 0:0)
  2. How confusing men and women can be to each other (minute 3:08)
  3. How a man approaches the initial contact can turn women off simply because their body language is off (minute 5:47)
  4. The #1 need of a woman (minute 6:28)
  5. The best posture for men to take to attract a woman and to look confident, cool, casual, and strong (minute 6:49)
  6. The best way to start a conversation (minute 10:06)
  7. How anxiety can get in the way (and what to do) (minute 12:37)
  8. When using humor, how to know if you are confusing her (and as such turning her off) (minute 13:03)
  9. How to know if she is comfortable with you (and possibly interested in you) (minute 13:49)
  10. How to test if she is interested (minute 14:29)
  11. Other signs that she is interested (minute 17:24)
  12. How to ask for her number and manage rejection well (which makes you look even more attractive) (minute 17:46)
  13. The risk of falling in to the too-nice trap when you linger too long (minute 26:46)
  14. Focus on improving your techniques but don’t make the mistake of believing that perfection is what makes you lovable (the woman you are looking for will see you for what you have to offer) (minute 27:21)
  15. A strong first impression will increase your chances of getting on her A list (minute 28:50)
  16. Practice these technique with women on your B List (and why this is a good and fair thing to do) (minute 29:56)
  17. Prepared with the technique to manage rejection well, pursue more A List women (minute 32:28)
  18. Texting to ask for a date (and how to get them on a call) (minute 33:45)
  19. Why women don’t return phone calls (and how you can prevent this) (minute 40:57)
  20. The importance of using a strong tone of voice (and how to do this) (minute 44:57)
  21. How to ask for her number and manage rejection well (which makes you look even more attractive) (minute 48:21)
  22. How long to make dates (lunch dates and more) and how to time and pace dates (minute 55:59)

In Disk 2 you will learn

  1. What to do and say on the date to make a strong and confident impression (minute 0:0)
  2. The danger of not calling once a week (minute 01:02)
  3. Essential grooming and hygiene that can prevent rejection (minute 4:46)
  4. What to focus on after being rejected (minute 10:12)
  5. Common reasons why men get rejected (minute 12:41)
  6. When rejection happens because of miscommunication (and when is it reasonable for a woman to be expected to do more) (minute 24:35)
  7. A technique to help you get past the third date (minute 42:06)
  8. When women seem entitled (and what to say when a woman doesn’t return a call) (minute 48:37)

Buy BOTH audios for just $11.95.

(regularly priced at $18.90)


Please be aware of our Audio Issues, Refund, and Copyright Policies.


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