Cast your vote—one woman gets a FREE makeover; one man gets a FREE overhaul

During the Saturday, January 29th, Singles’ Convention (learn more and register), there will be image consultants, makeup and hair specialists, personal shoppers, personal trainers, photographers, and marketing consultants to help singles get more attention in 2011 and to create a winning Internet profile. The singles below have applied for one of these two FREE image makeovers.

Vote for the one male and one female you would like to see experience this FREE complete makeover (both physically and online, if they desire both). Review the individuals below and  scroll to the two poll boxes to cast your vote. Thanks, Alisa

Contestant #1—My name is Shelby, and I don’t date much.

I’m currently attending the cosmetology and barbering program at SLCC. I love helping others look their best; however, for some reason I find it hard to know if my hair and makeup routine is working for me. Clearly SOMEthing I am doing isn’t quite right because when it comes to dating, I am always the girl sitting at home, getting the calls from friends with guy drama, or being called to be the third wheel. For once I want to be the girl who is out on the dates. I feel that it’s time for something new and for me to get a fresh start.

Contestant #2—My name is Ashley, and I just got out of relationship and need a fresh start.

I got out of a serious relationship and am ready to move on. I moved to Utah to go back to school and it’s a financial struggle. I have let myself go a little bit, especially my clothes and hair.  It would give me the confidence I need to get back out there and start dating. I am 29 years old, 100 pounds, 5’2″.

Contestant #3—My name is Will, and I love fun, new ways to improve myself.

I am 24 years old, a college graduate, and professional starting my own business. I date a lot but could use help (both professionally and in dating) with the confidence that a makeover might give me. I am open to new ideas and thought this would be a fun way to improve myself.

Contestant #4—My name is Carol, I’m 57, and I could really use some help with my hair.

I am older (57) with long, mostly straight hair, that does not give a good professional image. Most of the hair stylists I have used do not know how to properly cut my very fine long hair. I really need a GREAT CUT that keeps most of my long hair (since I LOVE long hair) and requires minimal time and effort to style. It is difficult for me to keep my arms over my head for very long. Could also use a few touch-ups to my highlights to better blend the gray in my dark blonde hair. I am a Mary Kay consultant with training by Robert Jones (international makeup artist) so I know how to do my face, but hair is a different matter. (If a total makeover is part of the deal I won’t object to the extra pampering for makeup! I rarely give myself the full makeover treatment.) Long stringy hair does not inspire confidence in my abilities to help others with THEIR image! I also need some professional photos. Money is very tight right now so I REALLY need the free help. Please VOTE for CAROL!!!

Contestant #5—My name is Merissa, and I could use a new lease on life!

I recently changed my life, my body, and my perspective. I could now use an image makeover to help solidify this new path. In addition to other major changes in my life, I have lost a substantial amount of weight (doing it the healthy way—eating right and exercising) and have been trying to adjust to my new reality. My personal image is in a state of flux right now, and I could use some guidance. The total-image makeover would help me and those around me to recognize that I am a changed woman with a new outlook on life. Please vote for me to have this opportunity that couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks 🙂

Contestant #6 – Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I’m a 38 year old single mom of two.

2010 was a year of change and self-empowerment. I finally finished school, and I’m happy to say that I finally know who I am and what I want to do to make a positive change in this world. I’m an esthtician. I just recently opened my own quaint little day spa and  will soon be a licensed massage therapist. I’ve met many challenges since my divorce 7 years ago. I’ve kept a positive attitude and have conquered many of my “demons” triumphantly! I’m a strong, vibrant woman and love to help others look and feel their very best. Since I am now a professional in the health and beauty industry, I feel it’s time to stop looking like the Queen of Frump Town. I need a major overhaul! I want to change my image to reflect my professionalism but also reflect my personal sense of style and feminity. I just dont know where to begin. I would be so very grateful if you would please VOTE FOR ME!

Contestant #7 – My name is Heber, and I’m a hard-working guy who could use a little help in the dating arena.

I love politics and am a conservative. I love theater when it’s well done. I like quiet evenings, people, and especially my family. People say I am great with kids and fun to talk to. I am 32 years old and live in West Valley City. I have not had a huge amount of success in this arena, and I would love to see what you could do to help me make meaningful connections!

Contestant #8 – My name is Bryce. I am a 32 year old professional who has had several big changes in my life recently.

Before moving back to Utah, I was married to my job and decided to get a divorce (from my job) so I could reclaim my life. My goal for 2010 was to attempt a makeover of my personal image by getting some long-overdue dental work done (i.e., both jaws were broken to correct a growth defect, and I got a new chin). I would love to see what you can do to help me cope with my new look! Before this work was done, I had limited success in the relationship arena and would love to use this opportunity as fresh, new start.

If you would like to apply for this contest, we will accept up to five contestants to compete for each makeover. Complete the form at this link: Win one of two FREE Makeovers.

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