Q&A about the Winter Singles’ Convention

Question #1 —How much is the “small fee” for the social events and dances at the Winter Singles’ Convention?

Question #2—What is the typical age of the people attending your winter singles’ convention?  I’m 40 and would love to interact with others in my age range but would feel uncomfortable if the event was attended by people mostly in their 20’s.

Answer #1—I anticipate the fee will be less than $10, but we are still working out the exact details, so I am not sure. I will keep those who are registered posted. You are not required to attend all (or any) of the events if you register. It’s just the best way to keep you updated on the details and to coordinate the social gatherings. To register, visit https://itsyourtechnique.com/free-workshop/

Answer #2—It is anticipated that there will be about 400 singles between 18–30 years of age, 400 singles between 31–45 years of age, and 200 singles 46 years or older. The social activities and dancing will be geared to each of these groups exclusively so singles like yourself will be with people you feel you can really connect with. Does that help?

Thanks for your questions,


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