I’d love for you to call me sometime . . .

A few weeks ago I attended one of Alisa’s workshops.  As someone who learns more from a lecture than a book, it was like watching “Dating: the instruction manual.”  It was SO helpful to see the techniques I’d been reading about in her new book, Single? Discover the Truth about Successful Dating, Being Irresistible, and Achieving Lasting Love , in action (Alisa gave me a prepress copy of this book so I could get started on the blogging process). I walked away with real confidence and an arsenal of techniques to put into practice.

As a single mother, I don’t get to socialize with other singles the way I’d like to. It’s tough to find time between work and caring for a little one to even have time for a social life. My situation is not an excuse not to date, but it’s definitely an obstacle.

I’ve been dating online for the past year and a half, and although I’ve had some good experiences, I’m just not meeting the kind of men I want to.  One big struggle is getting a guy to ask for my number.  At the workshop, Alisa taught us how to get a guy to ask for your number, so I decided to apply the technique at least 3 times a week.

I was e-mailing a guy I was interested in, and after a few e-mails I would end with, “ I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you! I would love for you to call me sometime.”   That’s it! How simple is that?!  I had no expectation of results, but it was great practice. In about 2 weeks I gave out my number 5 times and had 3 people call.  For me, that’s what I call great results!

Wow! It’s amazing how just this one technique has worked. I’m anxious to try the rest. Let me know if you have used this technique and how it works for you.

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One thought on “I’d love for you to call me sometime . . .

  • Jayne…
    I appreciate your post! I have felt the exact same way. I’ve used Alisa’s techniques online to successfully get dates, but I still don’t feel like online dating is going anywhere. I receive several emails a day, so I think my profile is okay. I’ve tried 4 different sites and probably gone out on dates with more than 30 men over the past year. Most are good, average guys. But, I don’t want to marry someone average! I want to marry someone who is special to me (and average to everyone else – ha ha!). I’m really good at making the date fun and flirty and almost always get second, third, and fourth dates. I also try to be open minded. But inevitably, I get board after a few dates and lose interest.

    Don’t misunderstand… there are plenty of guys who I would LOVE to go out with. But, those guys never seem to write. And, if I write them first, statistics are really low that they write me back. I’ve also had two scary experiences. Luckily I identified their manipulative behavior quickly and clearly asked them to stay away– which is success. But, it’s also so disheartening.

    Any advice on how to attract those guys that make your heart skip a beat? Though the internet is very useful, I’m also interested to know if there are other places you recommend meeting guys? It’s always so nice to meet in person for a few minutes at an event rather than committing to an entire evening of a blind date.

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