Dating more than one woman, pacing dates, and meeting family

Q—I attended your free, all-day workshop in November and it helped so much. Thank you. I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask you then, but it was not the best time for you.
My questions are:
1. How do I date 3 girls at one time?
2. How soon after the first date should I ask for a second date?
3. Is double dating on the first date a good idea, and is having her meet some of my extended family on the first date a bad idea?


A—In answer to question 1: The dating-coach program for men covers this much better, but in short, pursue one woman as if she is on your A List (and as such she gets at least one date and a couple of phone calls a week) and the others as if they are on your B List (they get treated well but less time, attention, phone calls, and datesunless they move to your A List after a great date). With all of the women, be sure you use the technique discussed in the dating system for taking the pressure off.

Question 2: Call to ask for the second date a few days after the first date (unless she is on your B List, then wait a little longer in this case or she may think she’s on your A List).

Question 3: Double dating is a great idea as long as you choose people who bring out the best in you (rather than taking over the show). Meeting extended family as a part of a casual encounter (not a family event) isn’t necessarily a problem either (as long as your family members don’t make it uncomfortable with weird questions and innuendos about the two of you becoming a couple; if you anticipate this, talk to the family members first or avoid them).

I hope this helps and good luck,


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