“She’s very busy. Do I keep asking her out?”

Q—In the case of the lady I have been dating, we have went on two dates over the last two weeks.  I really enjoy being with her.  She currently has three jobs and is going to school so I know her time is very limited.  In this situation, do I continue to go out with her a once a week?

As always,  I appreciate your advice.

Thanks, Phillip

A—No matter how busy a woman is, if you are important to her she will want to see you when she can, so yes, keep pursuing a date with her once a week and if she doesn’t make time for you, keep pursuing others. If after a six weeks she isn’t fitting you in once a week than I would say the relationship has little hope of becoming more important to her later.

I hope this helps.


One thought on ““She’s very busy. Do I keep asking her out?”

  • Great advice! I’ve been wanting to date someone too for the past few months and because of his hectic work schedule and his 4 kids, he just doesn’t have the energy and I’ve been debating to give up or not and after reading this, its done. I’m not going to worry about him any more. He just isn’t that “in to me” obviously.

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