“I haven’t heard from her, do I call?” —Q&A

Q—After suggesting that she call me next week (partially because she doesn’t invest much in me or the dates) so we could plan our next date, she hasn’t called. Should I wait to see if she calls me? If she does not call me by next Tuesday, should I wait a week to call her?

A—Because she seems minimally invested, I would wait a week or so to see if she calls. If she doesn’t and you just need to make sure there wasn’t some misunderstanding and she really is interested, you could call her one more time in a few weeks or e-mail her and say, “Hey, just wondering how you are doing. I just wanted to explain why I haven’t called lately. I couldn’t tell if you were interested in continuing to go out. If I read that wrong and you were interested, let me know. I hope you’re doing well. Have a great day.”

I hope these ideas help,

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