Alisa Goodwin Snell,

Your seminar has changed my life. I’ve been meeting so many women and getting so many phone numbers since I attended your November workshop that I’m having to up my standards for whose numbers I get.

Tonight, after texting the girls I went out with earlier this week and making a few new connections at the gym, I thought, “I used to think it was hard to meet women! Not anymore.” And the best part is, when one girl turned me down for a date—I had FUN responding to a her (all because I followed your advice).  The compliment I gave her obviously delighted and flattered to her.  Maybe it’ll get me another shot with her.  But whether it does or not, she was impressed with me and we both had fun after she turned me down.  Since when was responding to a girl who’s just turned you down productive and fun?!  Only since I took your seminar! You are a genius!

I was also impressed by the quality of women your seminars attract.  It would appear that the best place to meet high-quality singles is one of your seminars!

Thank you so much.  You are a Godsend.

By the way, I’d like to post a few flyers for your next event at Utah State.  Could you send a copy of the flyer?  And, also, if I were to post about it to online message boards, what should I post?



Wow! Your feedback really made me feel great. Thank you for taking the time to write me. I’m so glad the November workshop helped.

Stories like yours and your willingness to help get the word out really encourage me to continue my efforts to offer this FREE blog and more FREE events (for those who would like to report their success stories as well, please add your comments below. I would love to hear your stories, too).

To post flyers on campus, click here to get a pdf version of the  Find love and laughter flyer for the FREE workshop on January 29th.

And for the message boards or e-mail, you can cut and paste the following message:

I’ve heard Alisa Goodwin Snell speak before and her advice really works. Check out her next FREE workshop and social event at and pass the information on to your friends. You and they will thank me later.

Thanks, and good luck. I hope to hear more comments like yours and that others will offer to help me get the word out as you have.



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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Jeremy, what did you say when she turned you down?

  2. Also, how exactly do you get all the girls? I’m only interested in one.. But it’s hard to pull her in.


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