What’s it worth?

If you’re thinking of investing in the It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique dating system, you may ask, “What’s it worth?”


To measure the value of the dating-coach program, consider what you pay a/for:

  • doctor—$140 minimum per visit
  • physical therapist—$95 per visit
  • personal trainer—$75 per visit
  • dentist—$175 per visit (root canal—$800; braces—$3,000)
  • massage therapist—$75 per hour
  • hairstylist for a new hair color and cut—$80
  • department store for a new outfit—$200 plus
  • marriage counselor—$95 per hour
  • attorney (to get yourself out of a bad marriage)—$250 per hour (often resulting in $12,000 or more per contested divorce)
  • child support after a failed relationship—$200 or more per child until the age of 18
  • custody evaluation to get custody from a dysfunctional parent—$3,000 to $5,000 per evaluation (this is in addition to legal fees)
  • mental health counselor to help you recover from the depression or anxiety you may experience after a bad relationship—$95 per hour (usually 8 visits or more, totaling $840)

With this in mind, what value would you place on a professional service that helped you achieve a lifetime of companionship with a good man or loving woman? What would it be worth to you to improve your dating effectiveness NOW? How much would you pay to become educated and skilled at getting and keeping good relationships long term? What would you sacrifice to provide your children with a healthy and happy home where parents love and invest in each other and where the children feel safe and secure? What value would you place on the health, financial, legal, and relationship benefits of a good marriage (especially in light of the costs—physically, financially, legally, and emotionally—of a bad marriage)? What would a happy, lifelong, and lasting marriage be worth to you five, ten, and fifty years later?

Good relationships don’t happen by chance. Almost anything worth having requires sacrifice, investment, time, energy, commitment, skills, and follow-through. If you are ready to invest in yourself, your love life, and your relationship skills, Utah’s Dating Coach, Alisa Goodwin Snell, has the professional expertise to help you be safe, confident, and successful in finding lasting love.

With the right tools and techniques, you can quickly get your dating relationships back on track and experience success in love. Discover the secrets you need with these four books, 6 hours of DVDs, and additional tools. With this proven dating system, lasting love can be yours in less time than you think!

To purchase the dating-coach programs, click one of the images or buttons below.

Regularly priced at $175.

Successful dating is within your reach.

Still not convinced?

Take this self-test to see if the dating-coach program is right for you.

Answer the questions below (0=no; 1=kind of; 2=yes). Then total your answers to each question to reveal if the dating-coach program is right for you.

No    Kind of    Yes

0          1             2       Are you unsure how to handle today’s dating challenges (texting, Facebook, Internet dating, hanging-out, etc.)?

0          1             2       Do you struggle to get the attention of the people you really like?

0          1             2       Do you attract the wrong kinds of relationships?

0          1             2       Do you fear doing something wrong or making mistakes?

0          1             2       Do you fear rejection?

0          1             2       Do you feel too much pressure and struggle to commit?

0          1             2       Do you feel a lack of passion or connection to the people you date?

0          1             2       Do you worry that you will settle or be miserable in marriage?

0          1             2       Do you fear you’ll be manipulated, experience emotional or physical abuse, suffer emotional or sexual neglect, or be abandoned?

0          1             2      Do you struggle to trust your judgment and make decisions?

0          1             2      Do you fear wasting time, money, and energy in the just-friends, hanging-out, too-nice, and good-for-now traps?

0          1             2      Do you fear that something’s wrong with you, that you can’t have what others have, that no matter how hard you try you will fail, that others won’t work hard for you and the relationship, etc.?

0          1             2      Do you struggle to get first dates?

0          1             2      Do you struggle with getting past the first six weeks of dating?

0          1             2      Do you have a hard time moving relationships to being exclusive?

If your total score is 7 or higher, the dating-coach program will definitely help calm your fears and empower you.

If your score is 12 or higher, the dating-coach program will transform your thinking, change your interactions with the opposite sex, and make your dating experiences new again as you discover timeless solutions for the problems of modern dating.

To get a sample of the kinds of advice you can expect from the dating-coach program or at a workshop, watch this interview from 2009 on KUTV/KJZZ 2 News This Morning or visit the About page to see other videos.

5 thoughts on “What’s it worth?

  • Why would you tell men to be more aloof, by teaching them not to call, not to lean forward not to do nice acts or open up in the first 6 weeks of dating? I understand that this may increase their chances of being seen as exclusive, but I do not think these are bad traits, in fact women want gifts, they want a man to be interested in them and be willing to spend time with them. I guess the question, is why should men change to accommodate what I see to be a woman’s problem. Those women that are not smart enough to recognize and invest in a nice man, don’t deserve him anyway. I think the problem stems from women being far to emotional in who they choose to date, and not nearly logical enough. if they sat down and made a list of qualities they wanted, and then looked for them. They would probably find the desired qualities in “nice guys.”

    • I encourage men to not give the best of them to those who don’t invest in them. In the earlier stages of dating, leaning forward, doing nice acts, and acting like a gentleman is a great thing to do but not to excess or a man will be more likely to appear too nice and as such less strong and confident and even less attractive. Furthermore, a man who comes on too strong too early in the dating process can look like he is trying too hard, attempting to manipulate, or covering something up. Coming on too strong can also make him appear creepy. Thus, a man who paces his investment slowly over a period of weeks rather than all at once avoids creating unnecessary pressure and/or triggering unnecessary rejection. He looks like he has self-respect and self-control and that he doesn’t feel he needs to prove himself to her for her to value him. If a woman actively engages and responds to him over a period of time than he knows that giving more of his investment and sacrifices would not only be wise but also appreciated. I hope this clarifies my intentions behind my advice that you reference in your question. Women like nice men, but as the 6th secret to the female psychology states, women are turned off by men who are too nice. I hope this helps. Good luck, Alisa

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