Dating system for women now includes a 6-month membership.



Discover TIMELESS solutions for the complexity of modern dating with this step-by-step dating-coach program.

It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique for Women includes:

  • Single? Discover the Truth about Successful Dating, Being Irresistible, and Achieving Lasting Love (A 300-page book)
  • It’s Just Technique: A Step-by-Step Guide from Flirting to Becoming Exclusive (a 100-page workbook)
  • The Red-Flag Rulebook: See if He’s Bad News in 3 Dates or Less (a 100-page workbook to assess his likelihood of acting abusive, neglectful, or manipulative)
  • Weekly Dating Advice: 100 Practical Steps to Transform Your Dating Life(a 100-page book to help you set and achieve goals that master the concepts taught)
  • Master Your Techniques DVD series (6 hours of video demonstrating the essential techniques you need to know)
  • The Creating Your Top-10 List worksheet
  • The 8 Be-Effective Facts bookmark
  • The 17 Secrets to the Male and Female Psychology poster
  • The Fear and Truth Boxes (a guide to overcoming your fears)
  • A Goal Sheet notepad (to track your goals and progress)

The Lasting Love Academy includes:

  •  On-line access to hours of audios on — Just Friends or More Why Men Back Off  Why Men Get Rejected   Avoid Settling  When to Reveal Your Issues  — He’s Amazing and Still Single and What You Can Do About It — Dating with Kids — Dating over the age of 50 Dating Long Distance — Preventing Self-Fulfilling Prophecies — Understanding Pornography Versus Fearing ItWhen You Have Social Challenges and more. Upon entering the membership site, these audios are immediately available as well as hundreds of articles on various dating topics.


To see if the dating coach program is right for you, click here.

If you are wondering What It’s Worth, click here.


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  7. Diane,

    Give me a call and we can discuss the possibility and process involved at (801) 447-6000. Thanks for contacting me. I hope you are doing well. Alisa

  8. Sorry it took so long to reply. I am heading out of town for the next few weeks. Can we talk in March? When would be good?


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