“Even when I wasn’t dating, I really was progressing.”

I am amazed at what a year can do!  As I review this past year in my mind I realize just how far I’ve come in a very unexpected way!  Just over a year ago I had an experience that showed me how I need to be very clear on what I want if I ever hope to get what it is I say I’m after. Thankfully, Alisa was put in my path and has been an illuminating light on this new adventure.

I’ve been working with Alisa for just over a year now.  I’ve been meeting with her about every other month and setting goals that point me in the right direction.  However, month after month after month I have felt that nothing was happening for me. I wondered, Why can’t I even get a date!? How is smiling at the man at the gas station or giving praise to the teenage boy who held the door for me ever going to help me? I was not seeing a link between the goals Alisa was helping me with and what I wanted most—a great relationship. As the frustration mounted, I started to wonder if anything good was coming of all this work.

However, after what turned out to be exactly one very long year, I’m finally back in the dating game. And to my great surprise, all my work has paid off!  I’m finding dating to be a completely different experience on this go-around.  I’m attracting very different men—the men I’ve always wanted to be with.  My confidence in dating has increased significantly, and my overall outlook on my future is bright. The dating experience seems to come with more ease and joy now. I feel like I have a whole new ability to relate to men in general.

Now that I’m on the other side of a dark tunnel, I’m so grateful for the slow and lonely moments that allowed me to assess what I really want and taught me how to refine my skills in a most unexpected way. I believe God knows the best route for us to take in our learning and leads us to those who can support us on our path. The process may not evolve the way we expect, but God gives us what we need the way we need it.

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