How to get more of the investment you want from others

Q—I’ve been out with this one guy three times and he’s great.  He calls about once a week and we go out once a week, but we don’t talk on the phone during the week or anything.  It’s starting to feel like no progression is happening. I have a great time with him and then don’t hear from him for four to five days, so I lose my momentum and interest in that time. Is there anything I should be doing to encourage things along, or do I just need to consider I am a B list girl and keep going with the flow?

AIf he calls and takes you out once a week, it could mean that you are on his A list but he is just very busy or a slow mover. I suggest you coach him into the behaviors you like most. For instance, the next time he calls to set up a date, tell him, “I love it when you call. It makes my day.” Then quickly ask him about his day. The point is, the more successful he feels in a relationship, the more he will keep doing the things you are praising or rewarding him for. Does this make sense? Can you think of other ways to improvise with this concept? Oh, and have you started to touch him more?

I hope this helps,


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