“Now I’m dating two people. Thanks!”

I just wanted to share some dating success that I have had.  I haven’t been to one of your workshops in a while now, but the advice I have gained from you has been so valuable!  I see other guys making huge dating errors, like not reacting well when they’re rejected and thus losing out on future dating opportunities. I want to try to get the guys in my church group better trained in dating. However, I feel a little awkward saying that I have a dating coach because I guess I just feel like it makes me look incompetent or desperate or something.

Well, my dating success came from listening to your recommendations and by setting myself up as a social hub. I had more time this semester so I started trying to get our ward more socially united. I started holding social events—unofficial church activities—throughout the week.  I went three or four weeks of doing something social pretty much every night.

The biggest problem I come across now is deciding whom I should continue to date.  I’m currently dating two girls, but I’m very confused because I’m emotionally attached to one (whom I’ve been dating longer), but I am logically sold on the other girl.  I am at least grateful that someone like me who is not the best looking guy in town (I wouldn’t say I’m unattractive by any means, though) can have so much dating success by implementing true principles!

P.S.  I love your new website!!!  I have struggled with the texting issue, so it’s good to get your insight!

Thanks again.

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