“26 dates in 26 days continued”

My technique for getting a guy to ask me out once is pretty good . . . but . . . I think I need some pointers of things to ensure that he asks me on a 2nd date.  Some of the time after a first date I could take it or leave it, meaning I had fun but I don’t have any feelings toward a second date.  I think I need to be more proactive (without bluntly saying “please ask me out again”) in my nonverbal technique.  Please give me a few ideas of what I can do.

P.S. I finished the 26 dates in 26 days . . . It was hard work . . . and I didn’t fall in love with any of them. My heart got hurt by one I liked, but it was an adventure and I learned such good things.

Thanks again for your help.


Ms Daring

Dear Ms. Daring,

I am glad the 26-day experiment worked out well for you.

There is much that I teach men and women to do on the first date, on each date thereafter, and during the first six weeks of dating. My upcoming book, Still Single? It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique, will definitely be of help, but for now, try this technique:

Excerpt taken from Still Single? It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique.

“Let him know what you like or need, and make him feel like a hero when he fulfills those desires. Men love to be heroes (Secret #5 to the Male Psychology), men need to be needed (Secret #12), and men like being appreciated (Secret #7), so don’t hesitate to tell him what you like or appreciate.

“For example, when approaching the car, touch him on the arm, look at him, and say, “I know that some men aren’t sure if they should get a woman’s door or not. Some women don’t like or appreciate it. But, just so you know, I love it when men open my door. If you choose to do it, I will always appreciated it.” If you say this in a soft and feminine way, it will make a stronger impact (men like femininity—Secret #8). Don’t expect that he will get your door, but do notice his reaction or lack thereof.

“Continue to follow this up with other requests like, “I am really thirsty, would you mind getting me a drink?” “Would you help me with my coat?” “Walking on this ice makes me nervous, could I hold your arm?” Be sure to express your appreciation by looking him in the eyes, tilting your head, smiling, and thanking him in a slow, warm, and meaningful way.”

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I hope this helps.

Good luck,


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