“How should I follow up if he doesn’t call?”

Q—I sure appreciated all the helpful advice you gave at the YSA singles conference in Beaverton, Oregon, last weekend. As you had suggested, I followed your steps in allowing one guy to get my phone number from the dance that followed after your last seminar on Saturday night. It’s been four days since I gave the number to this guy, in which he said he would call me, but I have not heard from the guy since. I recently found his page on Facebook, and I’m wondering if I should send him one message, if I don’t hear from him in a couple of days, stating that I would love for him to call and go do something with him? Would this be a good idea or should I just accept the fact that he will not call?

A—I would wait a few days and then say hi on Facebook, followed by, “It was great getting to know you. I look forward to your call. Have a great day.” Then I would repeat to myself, “I’ve played my role—He’ll play his role or someone else will. He is not my only chance for happiness.” Then I would get busy, have fun, and flirt with more men. The kind of man you are looking for will definitely call.

I hope this helps,


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