A blind date made great

I do not pretend to have a talent for matchmaking, but I try to support those who make an effort on my behalf, especially when it’s a family member.  This week someone made an effort.  When I was first asked if I would be willing to go, I was more than willing.  I really enjoy meeting new people and, granted, a blind date can be an awkward way to meet someone, but in the end it’s still a chance to make a new friend. So I was happy to say yes. As the date got closer, I became more hesitant and started worrying about how bad it could really be (I do have some horror stories about blind dates).  But when I started to think about all this, I remembered all that I have learned from Alisa and this program. I reminded myself that this was practice and a great opportunity to make him feel great about himself.

The date came, and though there was some awkwardness at first, by the end of the date we were just talking and laughing.  We made all sorts of connections, and even though I don’t think we’ll go out again, I think we both left feeling good.

Do any of you have positive blind-date stories?

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