“I am not in a relationship, but I feel blessed and successful.”

Hi, friends! I have loved the community  we’ve built on this website. Your support and experiences have enriched my life.

This week I just had one quick thought I wanted to throw out to see if you’ve had the same experiences.

Have you ever been on just one or two dates with someone and felt like you walked away a better person from that experience?

There are many people I’ve met as I’ve put myself out there a bit who truly have changed my life. Sometimes I feel like the fact that I’m not in a relationship means that I’m failing at these techniques or that I’m not quite the person I need to be. However, lately I’ve been feeling the opposite. I’m realizing that I’ve been given the chance to associate with a lot of incredible people, help make them feel great, and be treated respectfully in return.

Dating is given a bad rap in most instances, and we each have war stories we can contribute to support that idea. But today I just want to say thank you to those men who have taken me out, treated me well, and who’ve gone on to find someone else. Your examples of kindness and humor have shaped my life. So I dedicate this post to the men out there who I’ve only spent a few hours with—those precious few hours have helped me find my way.

3 thoughts on ““I am not in a relationship, but I feel blessed and successful.”

  • Sarah, I totally agree with you! Two of the best dates I’ve ever been on were with a guy that I didn’t end up having a relationship with. There are GREAT guys out there! I especially like the ones that open doors for me even when they don’t even know my name!!! Great post Sarah!

  • Thanks Shannon! It’s true, there are good men everywhere. Just as there are good women everywhere. We need to spend more time focused on finding them then complaining because we never stop to recognize them.

  • Thanks Sarah…it’s good to be reminded to look for the good in all of this. Now as you mention it I am thinking back realizing I have had similar experiences or dates that were just good practice as Alisa always says. I’m grateful for those as well!

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