This has happened to a number of my friends . . . and me.  So what do you do when someone is perfect, kind, thoughtful, selfless, loving, giving, handsome, romantic, solid, and fun, who is pursuing you, and you love them, but you feel a little hollow inside—like something just isn’t there or something just isn’t clicking?  How long do you try for?  Will sacrificing for each other eventually bring about that connection?  Thoughts?

I’d love to hear others’ thoughts as well.  I’ve had friends where one day they wake up and all of a sudden it’s different.  And I’ve had friends where it hasn’t been different.  Anyone have experience with this?

Alisa’s response

This is an important and critical issue. Please read this article and let me know if it answers your question.

Chemistry—What is it and how do I recognize it?

Good luck,


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  1. Great question Lil!! So insightful. I’m excited to read your response Alisa.


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