“How do you practice when there really isn’t anyone you’re interested in?”

So it turns out that guy from last week who said he would call never did. I’m not that surprised. And I’m okay with things because I know where I stand, and he does as well. It feels good. As for practicing the “I’d love you to call me sometime” move two more times, I tried to do it one night this week, and the problem I had was that we were in the middle of a really good conversation and I really did need to go because I had someone waiting on me. But I felt like things were going so well: he was talking and I didn’t want to interrupt. The conversation ended with him telling me that he’ll call me to get together this week. Hopefully that will happen, and I didn’t mess things up by lingering. I’d really be interested in getting to know him better, and it is a situation where we have known each other for a while and flirted at countless parties, but we’ve  never spent more time together than that. He’s always seemed interested, but this is the closest he has ever come to acting on it. I will never understand the whys and hows of that.

The next time I was in a social situation this week, I ran into the problem of not having anyone to practice on.  It’s true! I really wanted to use it. Lili and I even talked about it on our way to this party we were attending. We were going to lean on our back foot and tilt our heads to the side and really just practice the moves. But when we got there and as the night progressed, there wasn’t a single man whom we were interested in practicing with.  So what do you do in a situation where there really isn’t anyone you’re interested in?

Sarah’s comment

Great post, Abigail! I totally understand the problem of going places and not seeing anyone to “practice on.” It’s a hard balance because I understand the importance of practicing, but also, I don’t want to encourage someone I feel no connection with or interest in.

Alisa’s response

When men or women are in a position were there really aren’t interested in anyone at an event, I  suggest that they still focus on making others feel great and applying several of the 17 Secrets to the Male or Female Psychology. After using several techniques, they can then leave the situation on a high note (another important technique to apply).

In this case, if someone asks for their number or hints that they want to get together sometime but you’re really not interested, you can use the rejection technique, warmly saying, “I’m so flattered. But I just don’t feel that kind of connection. Thank you so much.”

In this way, even a lame event can dramatically improve your skills. I hope this helps.



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