More simple date ideas

A couple of readers wrote the following about dates they think would be fun, so I included links for each of their ideas.

  • Movies are OK if you’ve been dating awhile, but no movies on a first date since you can’t talk.
  • Dinner is always nice, but I like other more active ideas like a picnic, or canoe ride, or going to a dog park if one of you has a dog: Hiking trails in UtahCanoe rides in UtahDog parks in Utah
  • Laughter is always good, so comedy or improv clubs or open mic night somewhere can be fun: Laughing Stock and Off-Broadway Theater
  • I’m kind of a geek, so I always thought it would be cool to go on a date at a nearby observatory to do some star-gazing.  Clark PlanetariumStar gazing in Utah
  • Salt Lake and Park City art galleries have banned together to do gallery strolls on designated Friday nights every month.  It’s an opportunity to grab a bite to eat and then walk around the city checking out different galleries.  Everyone can appreciate good and bad art, it allows great conversation, and you can have as much fun with it as you want.  Oh ya, and the best part, it’s free!  In: Salt Lake, Park City
  • Really almost anything where the guy has put a little bit of thought into it and where you can experience something together would be great.

Good luck. I hope it helps. Alisa

3 thoughts on “More simple date ideas

  • I had a friend that said something that I thought was so wise. He said often time guys think of activities and then find a girl to ask, when really guys should find a girl they want to take out then plan the activity based on her interests.

    Since hearing that, I have noticed times when I know that the activity was planned around me instead of me around the activity and those are the dates that I feel a greater connection.

    Just a thought.

  • One really simple date idea is to go to the bank and get two rolls of pennies and then go make wishes in a fountain–only you have to say your wishes out loud. They can be silly like..I wish that McDonalds French Fries were fat free to more serious like…I wish I had a better relationship with my sister. You really find out a lot about each other…and it only costs a dollar!

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