Most of the dating advice I provide in my dating system, audios, and videos applies as much to a widow(er) as it does to anyone else you’re dating.

Discover the 17 Secrets to the Male and Female Psychology and the Common Thinking Errors that are Ruining Your Relationships.

It’s important to remember that widow(er)s are still men and women. Nevertheless, widow(er)s often have some unique challenges and issues that you need to be aware of. I’ve had enough experiences in working with singles with these issues that I have some pretty defined opinions, but I don’t have as much experience as Abel Keogh has. Abel and I may differ in our advice from time to time but I recommend that you check out his books. They have some practical advice and insights that are worth considering and that I haven’t spent the time analyzing or creating. He’s passionate about the issues surrounding dating a widower and that makes him a valuable resource. He is also willing to answer your questions.

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  Dating a Widower

  Marrying a Widower

  Life With a Widower

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