“I sure do like that guy! Oh yeah. I need to focus. Hee hee.”

Oh, gosh, sorry this is late.  I started writing it Wednesday, but a certain guy called and all of the sudden it was 1:00 AM.  Then I was going to write it the next day, and a certain guy called again . . . and all of the sudden it was 1:00 AM.   And now I will hurry and write this before anyone else calls!  But I sure do like said guy.

So I just finished reading through the next set of materials, chapters 3 and 4 of the It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique manual.  Oh, my word—floods of incredible information!!!  So many of the stories resonated with me.  I especially enjoyed the story of the girl who almost decided to jettison a relationship and “just be friends” because being unsure and not in control was too difficult for her. I laughed out loud.  The night before I read that, Abigail and I were just talking about that very thing! I told her that I thought I’d just end things because relationships just aren’t worth all that agony.  Luckily Abigail pointed out the fallacies of my thinking and saved me from doing something drastic.

So, as I was reading Alisa’s suggestions and possible goals, I decided to focus on these for the week:

I will relax, have fun, stay busy, and not have expectations of what has to happen.  I will stop “pulling up the plant to see how the roots are doing,” which inevitably kills a relationship (and which I inevitably do).  I will focus on making him (and other guys) feel great.  I will find opportunities to sacrifice and make him sacrifice as well (whether that be in making time for each other or asking him to help me with something, etc.).  And I will have faith.

So those are my goals for the week.  Do any of you have the “pulling up the plant” problem?  Or suggestions on how to make a guy sacrifice when he’s out of town for work?

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Comments?  I’d love to hear them,



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