I first have to announce, I did the gentle wave this last weekend (click here to learn what this is and how to do it, or, if you are a guy, how you can recognize it)!!

I have been SOOO nervous to use this technique, but all of a sudden, it came out and felt kinda normal. I saw this guy from across the way, and I looked over and tilted my head and did a little finger wave. I was so proud of myself that I didn’t even pay attention to his reaction! But to be honest, using the gentle wave was kinda fun!

I went to a couple of events this last weekend where I was around several single guys, and I had a blast flirting with them. I was totally on my game. I felt feminine and attractive, and it was fun.

I’ve been spending the last little bit of time viewing Alisa’s class. I can’t make it live, but she is sending me the DVDs and I just have to say, she is phenomenal! She’s amazing at implementing flirting techniques so naturally. It’s easier for me to implement the body language techniques she suggests because I can watch her in her courses and it helps me implement them.

She was so enthusiastic in one of the classes I watched that I’m setting one goal that’s completely out of my comfort zone. But because I saw it used so many times and it seemed so simple and effective, I’m going to try it!

My goal this week is to say to a man, “I’ve got to go, but I’d really love you to call me sometime. Bye.” 🙂

Can you believe I am setting this goal!!? Ack! I’m kinda excited about it, though. (This is why I recommend Alisa’s courses: she helps make things that seem impossible, possible!!) Does anyone wanna try this with me? I need some moral support!


Ha!  Abigail and I JUST made that goal together this morning!  We thought about doing it at church but didn’t have the right opportunity . . . or we were just too nervous.  But, yes, together we can do this!

Ha!  Love the post, Sarah.  I’m so proud of you!   Lili

I love you all and, yes, together we can do this!!




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