Gratitude for all the things men do

So, in light of all the things we women wish guys WERE doing, I decided to write a few words about the things a man I like IS doing right.

As I mentioned before, I’m in the beginning stages of “like” with a certain fellow.  He’s wonderful for so many reasons. And although waiting is no fun, I will take this moment to applaud the positive.

  1. Kind words.  He is wonderful at telling me that I am an amazing person.  Just like Alisa said, the number-one need of a woman is to feel safe and secure.  His positive affirmations go a long way in making me feel this way.
  2. Consistency.  He calls often and sends little messages daily.  Again, this makes me feel safe and secure. It also helps me feel I’m less vulnerable.
  3. Openness.  He is an amazing communicator—full of insight and interesting things to say.  He expresses his feelings beautifully and never leaves me feeling confused as to his intentions—even if they are to keep dating other people at the moment.
  4. Space.  He definitely gives me my space.  He doesn’t linger too long, and this leaves me wanting more.

I don’t envy the position guys are in.  Having the onus for moving a relationship forward cannot be easy. But I’m trying my best to be patient, to stay busy, to be positive, and to show my excitement when he invests in me (by calling me , spending time with me, sharing his feelings with me, taking me out, etc.). I can definitely say that showing my appreciation has been very positive for moving things forward.

I know none of this is really rocket science: it’s just really the simple principles of dating that have been working for me.

So what are your thoughts?  What other positive things can I look for?  What is a guy doing well that I may not be seeing or appreciating?  I’d love to hear a man’s insight on this too. Let me know.



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