“It feels great to . . .”

I don’t have anything earth-shattering this week. I flirted, but nothing came of it. Well, nothing immediately came of it.

I did have one powerful insight, however.

Alisa says that the goal of a woman’s flirting skills and a man’s pursuing skills should be to make the other person feel great.

Well, I was on a date with a friend I had known for a while but hadn’t seen in some time. It was wonderful to spend a few minutes catching up. He was a little down and out about life in general and was expressing frustration for how things had played out for him. I was about to express how I understood and how I know that feeling of frustration, but  I decided that I was going to make him feel great.

So I did.

I went on and on about all of the things that he was doing in his life that were completely impressive. His expression changed, and I could tell that I really had made him feel great.

What happened next was something I wasn’t expecting. He turned it around and started telling me how impressed he was with me!

It was such a positive and uplifting date that I came home feeling like a million bucks and was glad I’d helped him feel the same way. Making each other feel great is a fabulous technique, and I am working on it! It’s still not natural for me to make someone feel great immediately, but I’m going to keep working on it until I get there. That is my goal for this week: To keep making men feel great.

One pattern I have seen in my life is that I’m always blessed for my efforts. So I am confident that even if I don’t see immediate results, they will eventually come. I agree with Alisa that I shouldn’t be passive in my dating because what I put into a relationship is what I will get out of it. I’ve seen examples of that.

Have you had any positive experiences in making men/women feel great? How are your goals going? Are there any new goals you’re setting?

Suggestions? Comments?



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