Knowing my deal breakers and top-ten list helped me get over an ex

I LOVE the concept of A-list B-list!  This is great.  I also appreciate you suggestion on making it clear you’re dating other people to lower expectation.  This shouldn’t be rocket science, so why is it I’ve never thought about this before?  I witnessed this tonight as a girl skillfully told a guy, “Ya, we can go out casually as friends.”  Brilliantly placed.

Well, with all that being said, and your guidance on what the top-ten should be, I now want to clarify my deal breakers:
1- Not being willing to have a children.
2- Must not be unduly critical.  It brings out the worst in people and makes me more critical of myself.  No way.
3- Can’t be into porn.
4- Can’t be lazy, playing video games all day, etc.
5- Someone who is financially irresponsible.

Alright, and now with my new and revised deal breakers list, a story.

This week I got a call from someone I dated long, long ago.  I was crazy about this person. One of the first people I ever loved.  It was amazing what I was willing to overlook because of how deeply I felt. But looking back now, I’m much more aware of how he actually had several of my deal breakers. Once that hit me, suddenly, I felt a lot more closure.  Interesting.  Top-ten lists are good.

Thoughts, comments, insights?  Let’s hear them.

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