11 signs he is interested

Is he interested?

Take this self-test to know:

  • Does he know and use your name often?
  • Does he walk across a room to talk to you?
  • Does he call, send you e-mails, or text you often?
  • Does he invite you to hang out with him or his friends?
  • Does he laugh at your stories or ask you questions about your life?
  • Does he try to spend time with you on the weekends?
  • Does he offer to pay for your lunch?
  • Does he open your doors or show you that he is thinking about you?
  • Does he give you compliments?
  • Does he touch you, hug you, or show you affection?
  • Does he seem concerned about your feelings and needs?

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more of the above, you have nothing to lose by trying the 5 Steps to Make Him Yours.


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7 thoughts on “11 signs he is interested

  • I talked to the guy in question and he seemed to notice I was sad before anyone else in our conversation did,he asked why I was sad and he seemed to try to hug me when I told him my cat might have to be put to sleep and when I stepped away he stepped towards me and started mirroring my movements,is he interested or a just plain stalker???

    • I don’t know if he’s interested in you romantically, but he does seem kind, sensitive, and in tune to the needs of others. I don’t have enough information to know if he is a stalker. Based on this information he wouldn’t seem like a stalker.

  • Hi, glad I found your blog! I have a question, what are some early signs that he might be interested in you? Haven’t spoken to him much( working on it) we are co-workers in different departments. But I have had small talk with him recently, initiated by him each time, and I’m wondering if he’s trying to feel me out, or just making small talk.

    • Based on what you said, it’s possible he could be interested in you or he could see you as a friend. The problem I see with many singles is that they often don’t know how to flirt and they do not flirt with the men they really like (i.e. they don’t even look him in the eyes and smile at him). Thus, he often doesn’t know they like him. Some women go to the other extreme by making their interest know but in a way that is more aggressive than flirtatious (thus, he feels like the hunted instead of the hunter).

      Here is an article that can help (7 signs he sees you as a pal not a gal), but if you want to know how to get and keep his attention I would recommend that you also consider getting the dating system for women since it will teach you everything you need to know and do to get more attention, dates, and commitment.

      I hope this information helps. Wishing you the best, Alisa

      • Thank you for the quick response, I must admit I’m not the best flirter but I do know how to when I decide that I actually like the fella’. I wouldn’t say this guy and I are pals, as we rarely see each other. But I will say that his addressing me is recent, I can’t remember another time that he’s made an effort to talk to me. So I’m going to venture to say he has interest in me (the eye contact doesn’t lie). And I will most definitely check out the 7 signs he sees you as a pal not a gal article. Thanks once again!


  • So I think there’s this guy at work who’s trying to figure out whether he likes me or not. He stares at me constantly, whenever he is around me he lingers and hangs, even when I’m busy, makes small talk to other co-workers but tries to engage in conversation with me. Each morning greets me with good morning “my lady” which I recently made a joke about how my 5 year old is saying the same thing and his response was “the kids got taste”. I didn’t respond. He’s been calling me nick names etc…here’s the downer, he’s 8 years my junior and made a very point blank comment about older women then shuddered. He knows I’m older than him so why all the trying so hard I’m saying if he isn’t into older gals?

    So any sound advice here, oh and I think he’s rather alright too, but I refuse to make any solid moves just in case he’s just playing with me.

    • He’s acting in a way that certainly seems like he is interested. Use your time with him as an opportunity to practice good flirting techniques. Encourage him to invest in you by asking for his help. Review the 17 secrets to the male psychology and use these as a guide when interacting with him. Then wait for him to ask to spend some time with you. When he does, state “I would really enjoy doing that. I hate to ask, but I don’t know how to act unless I ask. Is this a date or hanging out?” His response will reveal his intentions. If he doesn’t ask to spend time with you, then you can state, “I really enjoy you and think you are great. If you ever want to get together sometime, let me know.” In this way he will know that you are open to more than just a work relationship. If he is interested in spending time with you but you don’t know if it is just as a friend, then you can use the other technique.
      I hope this helps.

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