Does she like me? How do I know?

Does she:

  • look you in the eyes and smile?
  • say your name?
  • ask you questions about yourself, your day, your interests?
  • touch you?
  • lean toward you?
  • tap her foot in your direction?
  • make eye contact from across the room?
  • say, “I would love to get together with you sometime”?

Then yes, she likes you!

Perhaps you know these signs already, but you still doubt them!  Rejection isn’t fun for anyone, and most men avoid it when they can; however, there are several things men don’t understand about the female psychology and how to get a woman’s attention.  The way a man handles rejection has a lot to do with his success in attracting women.  Women like strength and confidence in men.   Women also like to be pursued.  This is part of the reason why jerks seem to have so much success with women.  They pursue women, don’t take no for an answer, and act arrogantly indifferent when they are rejected, which makes them look confident.

This may beg you to ask the question (as most good men have at some point), “Do I have to be a jerk to get attention from the women I like?” Absolutely not! Women really do want nice men. They do not masochistically crave being cheated on, lied to, manipulated, or abused. A woman’s primary need is to feel safe and secure and, as a good man, you can provide that.  The problem is you don’t understand the female psychology, so you don’t know that getting the attention of women is simpler than you think.

The secret to your future success begins with developing a great rejection plan.  Yes!  You need to pursue rejection, handle it gracefully (and confidently), and then you will get the attention of women.

To begin:

  1. Every day for one week, spend 20 minutes visualizing yourself approaching a woman you are confident won’t reject you (preferably someone you know). Imagine yourself standing confidently with your shoulders squared and possibly your thumbs in a belt loop or an outside corner of your front or back pocket. Step on a backward foot to give her a little space and to encourage her to lean forward (no woman leans forward when she is uncomfortable—so if she leans forward you are doing great).  Imagine yourself smiling, having a good conversation and then casually asking if you can call her sometime.  Envision her smiling at you and happily giving you her number. Do this activity until you can visualize it without feeling any anxiety.
  2. Then visualize yourself approaching a very beautiful woman (preferably someone you know).  Repeat in your mind how you looked, felt, and acted prior to asking for the other woman’s number from the first visualization.  When you can visualize yourself acting and feeling as confident as you did in the first scenario, visualize yourself asking the beautiful woman for her number.  However, this time imagine that she gently says, “I am sorry, but I am not interested.”  At this point, smile at her confidently, give her a wink, and then tell her, “I like girls who are honest and direct. I am even more impressed.”  Imagine keeping your chin forward rather than dropping it (which will look like shame). If you would like to really look classy and confident, sate, “It truly was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you have a great day.”  Smile and confidently walk away, repeating in your mind, “Dang. I look good to her right now” (because your really do).
  3. Once you can visualize doing this, strike out and do step 1 with someone like the woman you imagined (but preferably not someone you know).  However, this time expect rejection and handle it as you did in step 2.  If you aren’t rejected—bummer—you missed a great opportunity to show how well you could handle it.  Sure, call her later, but don’t give up on this activity.  Keep pursuing attractive women so you can use your gracious and confident skills for handling rejection. You need the practice. You won’t likely see her again anyway.

This technique may sound strange, but if you knew how attractive men become when they handle rejection well, you would not think it strange at all.  If you doubt this advice, ask several women and they will all agree.  When a guy handles rejection well, they often secretly wish they could get a second chance to get to know him.


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