8 must-know secrets to the female psychology

8 secrets you must know:

1. A woman’s #1 need is to feel safe and secure.
2. She will often fall in love with a friend.
3. She wants to be pursued and wanted.
4. She longs to feel adored.
5. She respects a man who holds off sexually and exercises self-control.
6. She needs to trust and respect a man in order to stay in love with him.

Although only a good man can and will provide all this and more:

7. She is easily turned off by a man who is too nice and who  doesn’t say no to her sometimes.

Most women want a nice guy but:

8. She needs to see your strength and confidence if she is to feel attraction and chemistry for you.

Alisa outlines in the It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique workbook and workshops all 17 secrets to the female psychology. However, if you look carefully, you will find them throughout the articles on this website.


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