7 signs that you are too nice

Take this self-test

Check mark your yes responses.

  • Do you drop what you are doing to be there for the girl you like, even though she isn’t your girlfriend and she resists dating you exclusively?
  • Do you often fix her problems (financially, physically, or emotionally), even though she seems minimally aware or concerned about your feelings, needs, life, or problems?
  • Do you do things you don’t want to do, or resent doing, to please her, to avoid her rejection or criticism, or in an effort to win her love and affection?
  • Does she often tell you how nice you are and how much she wants to be with someone like you, but she keeps talking about and dating jerks (even though you are available and there for her)?
  • Do you work really hard at being fair, considerate, reliable, kind, caring, and consistent even though she often takes you for granted or changes plans at the last minute?
  • Do you rarely express your needs or feelings to her (including anger)?
  • Have others told you that you are too nice, that you will make a great spouse someday, or that others walk all over you?

If you answered yes to 3 or more, you are at risk of being in the too-nice trap and need the 5 Steps for Breaking the Too-Nice  Trap.


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