7 signs that he’s bored

Take this self-test

  • Do you drop what you are doing to answer his calls, go on a last-minute date, or get together for a make out, even though you just met?
  • Do you text, call, e-mail, or go out of your way to see him more often than he does these things for you?
  • Do you think and/or talk about him all the time? (This may also include analyzing his issues in an effort to justify his behaviors and convince yourself to hang in there in spite of his neglect.)
  • Do you do things to please him, to avoid his rejection or criticism, or in an effort to win his love and acceptance? (This could include sexual contact.)
  • Have you stopped flirting, dating, or keeping your options open to others?
  • Do you express few opinions, feelings, requests, or needs in order to be accommodating?
  • Does he have a history of quitting when things get hard, when he doesn’t get immediate results or gratification, or when others aren’t making the process easy for him?

If you answer yes to 3 or more, you are at risk of causing him boredom and triggering early rejection.


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