“When should I tell him about my depression?” – Q & A

I do believe that some men may have issues with a threat of a spouse having depression and others will not, especially if they feel you are working on it and they know how to be of help. My advice would be to not discuss this in the first six weeks, not because you should feel shame, but because I don’t recommend that anyone give the best of them to those who do not invest in them – and these men have not invested enough to learn your private and vulnerable information. If you are still dating the same man after six weeks and he begins to become more serious, then briefly explain that you suffer from depression and all you do to manage it. Do not make it a major issue – which would show your fears and shame. Your depression may not be an issue to him. Instead hold your head high, square your shoulders, and act with confidence believing that your depression does not define your value.

After a man sacrifices deeply and over a period of time and gets to know you and who you are, he will put this issue in perspective. The Lord has a plan for you and your happiness. The kind of man you are looking for is looking for someone like you and will invest in and pursue you.

I hope this information is helpful. I am sorry it took so long.




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