“She has facial hair and it is really turning me off. What do I do?” – Q & A

Q – “What do I do if an amazing woman I am dating has facial hair (a mustache) and it is really turning me off – my friends say it is a common problem?”

A – This is an issue for many women, but if you really like her I would suggest that you keep dating her, not for her sake but for yours.

The more deeply you sacrifice the more deeply you love and you need the practice and opportunity to sacrifice if you are to eventually love deeply. I often recommend that for the first six weeks you just focus on: having fun, practicing your skills, and making the other person feel great. If you worry about whether or not this could end in a relationship or marriage you will deny yourself the opportunity to grow through the dating process.

If you decide that there is not enough compatibility to continue dating after six weeks, stop asking her out. That is what the first six weeks are about. Most relationship don’t make it past the first six weeks. Don’t feel guilty for this. It just is what it is. But you could greatly benefit from the experience of investing in her during those six weeks.

You also need the experience of confronting uncomfortable issues (which all relationships have to do). If you are still interested plan on saying something to her within the next few months.

You can even make an indirect comment by casually mentioning someone who got laser hair removal done and how happy they were with the results on their face and arms. With some prayer and thought you can find a way to bring it up.

I hope this is helpful.

Good luck,



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