“On the date, I took a step closer and then she took a step away.” – Q & A

This is a technique I often recommend for men to see if she is interested. I encourage men to assume a strong and confident posture by leaning on their backward foot – no woman leans forward if she is uncomfortable. She always leans away when she is uncomfortable. By leaning back a man increases the chance that she will feel comfortable but he also now has the opportunity to gauge her interest when he leans forward or takes a step closer. If she remains where she is, she is interested and comfortable with the increased contact. In this man’s case, his date stepped away and later commented that she didn’t really feel ready to date yet due to a bad experience.

This was my response.

Sounds like you are doing well. All you need to focus on is acting strong and confident while staying in pursuit of what you want – this deepens your sacrifices while you play your role. It also increase the reality that you will love more deeply when you find a women who appreciates your investments and sacrifices. Only give the best of you to those who invest in you – but in the mean time, continuing to pursue women shows God you are doing your part, playing your role, and sacrificing for relationship. He will match your efforts and help you progress.

Please keep me updated. I would love to post your comments and questions on my website (if that is okay)? I always change the names and any identifying information to protect your privacy and your dates privacy as well.

Good luck,



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