“I was at your workshop. Where can I get your book?” – Q & A

I was at the work shop you did last night!!! (I loved it!!) Thanks for taking the time to come!!! I was wondering if there was a place I could pick up your book!! I am going on a vacation so really would like to get a copy of it. I have called a few places, but it would take too long to ship!!! Thanks so much!!

Also, Thanks for telling us your personal story!! Really sounds a lot like mine!!! I was married to a jerk to say the least. I have learned lots and know I will get married to someone great!! Just broke up with a good guy we both thought and felt we were going to get married and should get married, but then something just wasn’t right when we prayed about it!! (so hard, have not wanted to accept it) You helped me last night, I have fallen into the trap of thinking there won’t be anyone like (the boy I just broke up with) and have been making myself sick with the what if’s and thinking there are no good guys out there.

You helped last night!! So thanks!!! July

A – The best and fastest way to get my book right now is from amazon.com, click here or from the publisher, Cedar Fort at 1-800-SKY-BOOK.

Good luck. Glad the workshop helped.


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