“I love your book”

“I love your book ”

I just recently finished reading your book “Dating Game Secrets, How to Marry a Good Man.” As a student, I have honestly been stressed about dating life, as most girls are here at the Y. I know there are tons of kind handsome good boys here but I have never known how to meet them. Reading your book, has changed this already and it has been 2 weeks. After reading your book, my life was honestly changed. I felt less guilt about not being married yet, or having any prospects. Although I am not in a relationship now, I know that “If I play my role, then a good man will play his!” I have this quote up in my room and my roommates love it too! I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful book! I feel like my confidence has tripled, literally, and now I look forward to trying out the tips from the book, because they work! As a psych major too, I just LOVED the 17 psychology tips about men. They have been so helpful. Your book is unlike any other book I have ever read. It wasn’t telling girls to throw themselves at men, it was proper and lady like ways to improve ones dating life. Thank you for writing a book to share your insights. All my girls can’t wait to get their hands on a copy of it! Your book was so encouraging and uplifting!
Thank you from a much happier and confident girl!!!



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