“I just don’t feel that spark. He treats me great but should I keep seeing him?” – Q & A

I suggest that you either ask him to take a break from seeing you for a few weeks to sort out your feelings and then evaluate how you feel during the break and when you see him again or just break up with him. It doesn’t seem that you feel right about the relationship. A break may help you re-evaluate exactly what you are feeling.

Also, do you have a Top 10 List of what it is you are looking for in a man and relationship. If you do, compare him to the list. If he doesn’t fit the list, than your answer is clear.

If you decide you do like him, he fits your list, and you want to continue seeing him, you need to invest more fully in the relationship and him. The more deeply you sacrifice the more deeply you love. You will never love him deeply if you do not invest in him, his needs, and his happiness.

I hope that helps. Good luck,



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