“I have a no kissing rule. Is it a good idea?” – Q & A

“I have a no kissing rule. – Is it a good idea?”

The questions I would have you ask yourself – Is this no kissing rule friendly to the male psychology? Will it meet a man’s needs when we are dating? Is there another way to meet his needs without kissing or does kissing fulfill a need that nothing else will?

I do not believe in sexual contact before marriage and I encourage clients to keep their kissing and affection simple, to two minutes or less – thus they eliminate the threat of making out or sexual contact. However, simple touching and affection while dating play an important role in the development of relationships and the fulfillment of emotional needs.

If you are dating an emotionally mature man who has empathy, self-control, and personal responsibility he will  respect your boundaries and not go any further than you feel comfortable but I worry that if you never touch him, cuddle with him, or kiss him his needs in the relationship will not be met. You need to decide if you can create the bond and affection a man and woman need to progress toward marriage without kissing or if kissing is an essential part of the process. You also need to know if you can trust him and you to keep your affection simple if you do kiss. If you are with the right kinds of men you can work on this goal together and succeed. Afterall relationships need to be something negotiated and established together to meet both parties needs not just the needs of one.

So I guess I didn’t answer your question but instead posed several other. Nonetheless I hope this helps.



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