“I don’t want to hit the 3 week drop-off-curve. What do I need to do to avoid it?” – Q & A

I recommend that you call to ask for a date each week if she is on your A List. That is how a woman knows you really like her. She will wait two weeks for now but if that pace continues she will start to lose momentum and interest because she doesn’t feel like you really like her.

Also, women hate text for the most part. They don’t mind it in between a phone call and a date but when it is used as a replacement for phone calls texting does not make her feel special or important. Men see it as a convenient and easy way to communicate but women want a connection and the effort and contact of talking on the phone makes that connection feel more meaningful. Women feel texting is too safe and doesn’t require much energy.

So. I recommend you call two to five days after a first date, ask for the next date when you make this call. Then call the day before the date to confirm your plans and let her know the details. Try not to text in between calls, that may cause too much contact too soon. Don’t worry about planning expensive dates at this point. That can set you up for the too-nice-trap. Just plan a fun and nice date. After the third or fourth date then plan something more special if you want to. What makes you look like an A List guy and her feel like an A List woman is not the expensive nature of a date but how you pace a date and make her feel. Avoid all negative self talk (which you may or may  not do but I wanted to be sure to mention the necessity of doing this). Focus on  having fun, making her feel great, and practicing your techniques (for acting strong and confident and for dating).

Maintain this pace for the next two weeks. Don’t call more than twice a week for the first three weeks, don’t ask for a date by text (if you can avoid it – for example, if you call but you keep missing each other than ask by text), don’t worry about making the calls too long 5 to 15 minutes is enough. After you have done this for two more weeks, write me again and I will tell you my advice for after the third week.

I hope this helps.

Good luck,


P.S. Also, it is equally important that you kiss her around the 4th to 6th date at the latest. Keep it short and sweet rather than allowing it to become passionate, which creates too much pressure and dramatically increases the risk that the relationship will not last six weeks. To go in for the kiss you can always start first by brushing hair away from her eyes, even if there is no hair. If she doesn’t move back or look away, go for it.

I hope that helps.

Good luck,



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