“I am independent and successful. Will that be a problem for men.” – Q & A

Most men want women to be successful. But men also need to feel that they are trusted and needed by their woman.

The important point is that  you act feminine with a man and make him feel great. Being feminine includes showing warmth, smiling, tilting your head, acting trusting and vulnerable (at times), showing softness, kindness, and beauty. It’s a warm touch, curves, and loving words. It’s lots of things. Make him feel needed. When he offers to do something, let him and tell him you appreciate it. Don’t be the first to do everything, let a need be unmet so he knows you need him to fulfill it. Ask him for help and express gratitude for his efforts (even though his way may be different from your way). Show him you have faith and trust in him and need his advice and assistance. Make him feel like there are things you can do but you really appreciate that he is willing to do them for you.

Let me know if this helps.

Good luck,



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