“I am free from a bad relationship and happy. THANKS.”

Dear Alisa,

I am one of your past clients from about 6 years ago. I don’t know if you remember me but I met with you while dating a guy that had some pretty serious problems, including some signs of a personality disorder. While meeting with you, I broke up with him and he ended up stalking me and you helped me through all that. And I wanted to say first of all, that I really feel that I was inspired and guided to go see you specifically because you understood so well the type of problems that this guy had and understood so well the effect it was having on me and why it was so hard for me to let it go even when it was so harmful to me. And, your approach of leaving the decision of breaking up with him or not totally up to me was perfect. I felt very unpressured and that allowed me to examine my own feelings and make that decision on my own so that I could fall back on that when the times were really tough after I broke up with him. After stalking me for a while and after I threatened him with police involvement, he stopped and I have not heard from him or seen him since. And, I am now very happily married to a great guy and we have a little 3 month old son. My husband is very kind to me and emotionally healthy and it’s funny because I thank him for being emotionally healthy and I think he thinks it’s a funny thing to say, but I am grateful that he does not have a lot of emotional issues like this other guy I dated. I just thought that I would share this with you to thank you for the difference you made in my life at a time in my life in which I was very vulnerable. And I know that in my work as a in the health field as well, it was always very exciting to see the “success stories” where people had come back healthier after I worked with them. So, just letting you know that I am one of your “success stories”.

Signed, Sincerely Grateful


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